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Steradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Helping to Build a Healthy Community


Steradian Platform - Swiss Knife Solution to Integrated Telemedicine

  There comes a time in each of our lives when we or our loved ones need medical assistance. If you or your loved ones are facing health problems, be they temporary or chronic, it may be time to reach out for help. STERADIAN  is your number one source for home caregiving services.
                   today and see how we can be of assistance.

Self-help clinical grade vital diagnosis towards continuous health monitoring
Internet connected multimedia multimodal medical workflow integrated services
Medical records compliant with international standards following secured trust linked sharing and document management 

What do we offer!

There exist multiple isolated verticals covering telemedicine services in disjoint fashion. Current telemedicine solutions become costly, time consuming, not so secured, lack of trust and delay in prompt emergency services, etc. ultimately impacting human health and putting life in danger. The Steradian solutions focuses on fundamental telemedicine solution by having

Bridge the physical and digital gap between patient, health workers and doctors/physicians

Regular health check up and vital tracking, non-invasive non-intrusive way

Smart Alerts and Notifications mechanisms to simultaneous multiple involved parties (doctors. Ambulances, clinics, pharmacies, caregivers, family members) for united and prompt care offering and service delivery at the door-step, impelling awareness and compelling the patients to step into life saving diagnostics & treatment mode much before anything happens.

Feet on the street with qualified service providers always available on the run, securing your health with affordable and accurate tools and techniques scientifically calibrated instruments and tools universally accepted by the medical fraternity.

Meaningful messaging on a timely basis ensuring safety measures for patients.



Steradian Device

About Vital Sense

 The Vital sense is a compact, Hand held vital parameter monitoring system capable of measuring 6 vitals

  • Heart Rate

  • SpO2

  • Blood Pressure

  • Temperature

  • ECG

  • Auscultation

 Mobile Application

 A to Z of healthcare services right at your fingertips. Here’s what you can enjoy through our app:


 Online Doctor Consultation:

   You can now consult Top Doctors in India via video/audio call/chat within 15 minutes on the app. No more long queues or waiting times. Consult Best Doctors with over 90 specialties and enjoy hassle-free follow-up consultations. You can find doctors from all  Hospitals  for virtual consultation on our  app.

 Diagnostic Tests:

    You can test Temperature Heart Rate, BP, SpO2, ECG and Auscultation with our Device and book Lab Tests including Blood Tests,

 Digitized Health Records:

 Steradian integrated platform that stores all health records being generated physically or digitally across the multiple ecosystem, for each consumer on the app. Your past consultations, doctor’s note, your offline store purchase bills – all will be automatically available on the app.

Web Application

  We deliver user-centric designs and reliable progressive web app solutions that allow you to interact with your Patients.


  you can now take  Appointments via Video/audio call/chat with in 15 minutes. 

    Patients records Stored is server for future references.


Anytime Anywhere Health Vital check ups and Consultations
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Steradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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