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About us

The area of telemedicine is fragmented with many silos apart. Steradian has fully integrated IOT connected hardware solutions comprising multi-media multi-modal real-time engagement solutions touching upon between various stakeholders in context.

Audio/Video streaming amalgamated with healthcare and medical IOT comprising multiple vital parameters live streamed on real-time for natural intelligence assisted critical life saving decision making systems.


The Steradian platform serves everyone the same, be it practitioner, patient, front-line health worker, physical/digital pharmacy, diagnostic/pathological lab centers.



Depending on stakeholder involved - Intelligence spread across the Steradian platform tracks your health and work schedule, interactive care with human personal touching million lives in their most needed times.


The Steradian platform ensures you secure health of your near and dear from anywhere anytime being remotely located scattered healthcare workforce join virtually to serve you better and offer care the way you deserve the best.

About us
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